Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 1 Paleo Challege

Ok, with a few months of posting hiatus, I am ready to post daily! Today is the first day of the paleo challenge. It was a rough start when I realized I couldn't eat lunch meat or fruit (I know, I know, moderation), but I've overcome that and here we go!

50 m walking lunge
25 sit-ups

Push press 3x3

5 PP @ 45#

I am coming off of a week of illness and injury. My back is still sore, so I couldn't do the lunge/sit-up wod, so PP instead.

3 whole eggs
3 pieces bacon
1 red pepper
earl grey tea, no sugar :(

Dinner/Very Late Lunch:

For dinner/very late lunch my Mom (also doing the challenge Edie T) ate at Chedder's:
8 oz sirloin steak (ate like 5 oz of it)
1 side salad with no dressing
2 orders of steamed broccoli with garlic
unsweetened tea

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