Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 5: 06/13/2010

Breakfast 1000:
Went to breakfast with the Fam at Greyhound Tavern. Ate some eggs, bacon, sausage, potoatoes, fruit, cream puff, 1 biscuit and a lil gravy

Lunch 1500 (3p/3c/3f)
3 oz pork (3p)
1c strawberries(1c)
1/2c blueberrise (1c)
1 peach (1c)
9 almonds

Dinner (3p/3c/3f)
Chicken sausage (approx 3p)
12 asparagus (1c)
1 apple (2c)
9 almonds (3f)

Well, breakfast to start, but really I didn't go nuts. It was buffet style (and oh so tasty) and I ate a good portion of the eggs, meat and fruit and only took a bite or so of the other stuff. Then I had some cocoa rolled almonds. Yum. Typing that just gave me an idea. I'm going to try to make my own cocoa rolled almonds!

On the weekends, I am going to stay Zone/Paleo for the majority of the weekend, but throw a couple treats in there too. Nothing too crazy and no binging. Just a little spice to the weekend!

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